Services We Provide:
"Go Green Inspections"
Inspections 7 days a week.
The best value for your inspection fee.
Buildings - Homes - Condos - Construction - Codes
Summary Reports issued on site.
Clients encouraged to participate.
Fair and accurate reporting.
User friendly comprehensive reports.
Reports often exceed NY State standards.
Home Inspector Training & Cont. Ed.
Pre-Listing Inspections.
Warranty Inspections.
Litigation Support.
Construction Quality Control.
Bank Draw Inspections.
Energy Reviews.
Municipal Searches.
A/E subcontractor.
B2B Contractor.
Radon & Water Testing.
Oil Tanks.
Septic Load-Dye Tests.
Termite Certificates.
  • Homes
  • Co-op's
  • Condo's
  • Construction
  • Buildings
  • Code Compliance
  • Environmental
  • Problem Solving
  • Owner's Rep
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